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SD Beach Training Locations

SD Beach offers 3 Locations to help your student athlete get the highest level of training and development. We know that sitting in traffic is no fun, so we have created an experienced team of coaches across three beautiful locations to get your athlete fit and ready to compete in the sand. Please feel free to stop by for a 1 Day Free Tryout and get involved today with the most experienced staff on the sand!

Del Mar - Dog Beach

Del Mar was our first location and the home of our College Prep Program. We were the first club to pioneer year round legal and permitted training in San Diego. This beautiful location is where it all started in January 2010! We put shovels in the sand, buried poles, and committed whole heartedly to developing a stage for the committed beach athlete. We have operated every week since the beginning.

This program has placed 8 athletes into Division 1 Sand Programs, won several National and Regional Championships, and has also won several Club Team National Titles. It has been such an amazing area to train at because the coastline changes before your eyes with the seasons. Every year, the tide slowly moves millions of pounds of sand and water along the shorelines next to our courts.

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Program Location

Carlabad Frazee Beach

We are excited to launch our location in Carlsbad. We have nearly 300 kids playing at our Indoor Club called Genuine Volleyball Club and this location puts us right in the center of our player radius. The location is safe and a great spot for parents to get some time to enjoy Carlsbad Village while we take care and teach your athletes. Come check out a training session and see what makes SD Beach special.

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Program Location

Oceanside Harbor

This is the 3rd year for SD Beach at the Oceanside Harbor and it is a magical place alive with tourism and boats. Being a full service marina and seaport village there is a good mixture of beach goers and locals. The Oceanside Harbor has a great lineup of restaurants and boutiques to visit. There is plenty of parking and many local events throughout the year. The volleyball courts are located near the end of the jetty and it is a very wide sandy beach. We have worked with the City of Oceanside and donated 4 beach volleyball courts at the harbor and enjoy the right to operate our club at this excellent location. Oceanside is a growing community and a new buzz is in the air as the surf and sand are calling people to experience the jewel that is the Oceanside Harbor.

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Program Location

Ocean Beach

This is our newest SD Beach location and we are excited to get started! Ocean Beach has excellent restaurants and is an active community that embraces outdoor sports. For years, Ocean Beach has held beach volleyball tournaments and we are excited to teach young athletes about beach volleyball. There is plenty of parking and many local events throughout the year. The volleyball courts are located right in front of the parking lot. In addition, Ocean Beach has deep sand and is ideal for beach volleyball training.

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Program Location

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